Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Organized Time

Well Ray and I picked up one of those handy dandy Expedit shelves from IKEA for our home office. AS Carsgone grows so does the mount of paper lying on my desk and it was starting to get a tad outta control. According to IKEA's instructions you are supposed to put the shelve together with 2 PEOPLE. But my superwoman powers kicked into high gear and I tackled it myself. I was so please with the final result! Ah organized again, saves me so much time when looking for something. Sweet salvation. Now If I could only convince Ray to let buy 2 of the big ones for my Scrapbook room!


Cheryl said...

i think the intructions should say 1 woman job or 2 men!!!! great organization you have now!!! and you definitely should have scrappy shelving!!!!

Trina said...

Those Expedit shelves from IKEA are AWESOME!! I have that exact one in my scrapbook room, now only if my room was big enough to hold the BIG Expedit. LOL!!