Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sweet Summertime

Yay it is summer! Loving the weather, even the crazy hot 34 degrees kind. And no I do not have air conditioning. Summer means so many awesome things to me, here is a top ten list: 1. Thunderstorms (the kind that don't turn into tonados and tear down my house) 2. The sound of my kids playing in the backyard, getting wet, blowing bubbles 3. Loads of vitamin D from hanging out in the sun 4. Home-ade Popsicles (lemonade and ice tea are my faves) 5. Paddle boat rides 6. Sleeping in 7. Pedicures (I have been training Tayla to take over this responsibility) 8. Beach days, the smell of sunscreen, cooler packed full of fresh fruit, divine 9. Air conditioned rides in the car 10. Flip flops I have been somehow, miraculously finding time to scrapbook... lots of scrap dates with my ladies lately :)Here are a bunch of my latest pages mostly made from Studio Calico Kits and goodies from Treasured Memories
I also chopped my hair, and am loving the freedom of no ponytails. Last night I did a spontaneous mini photo shoot with my best friend in the whole wide world, and her husband who does not in particular like having his picture taken. She is so gorgeous, this girl doesn't take a bad photo. Here are a couple of my favorites... I wish I didn't have a job that took so much of time, I would love to actually learn how to use my camera and take a few classes, and one day maybe even become a real photographer. Oh to dream...
Happy Summer!!