Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Canada Day! Eh!

So a big Happy Canada day to all my fellow toque wearing, maple syrup drizzling, hockey lovin, awesome, Canadian friends out there! We had an eventful day, starting with our business partners coming over for a breakfast meeting at 9:00am. Rob brought his 6 year old Charlie over complete with his pet worm that was really slimy and muddy that I prompty kicked out of my house.

Bill our other business partner completely took over my kitchen and made the most delicious Breakfast sandwiches complete with hollandaise sauce! That man can cook, and he is single if any ladies are interested ;) After our meeting we headed out to my Aunt & Uncles lake lot at Mameo beach and enjoyed a fun filled, relaxing day together.

Rob and Charlie spent the whole day with us as well, and we got some fabulous pictures! My cousins Erin and Cody both have pit bull puppies that the kids absolutely loved! And I must admit I am a bonifide pitbull hater, but these little furballs stole my heart, not that I want one. I mean really how can you resist these faces???

Here is Rob's environment I secretly am a tad jealous.

Here is River enjoying a popsicle in his cool Aviators, eat your heart out Tom Cruise!

and what Canada Day celebration can be complete without totally cheesy hats? Ray and I in all our glory, lol.

And my sweet sunshine girl Tayla, I love this pic...

A sure Sign of summer:

And I will leave you with a few more melt your heart pics:

Hope your day was as happy as ours!


Valérie said...

Sounds like you had a great day with your family!!! Your pictures are gorgeous!!

Dawn said...

Great pics!!! Of course!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a very successful Canada Day!!!!! Kidlets are super cute along with puppies!!lol


jaimey said...

Ummm,hello...your pictures are awesome!!!
And those puppies are adorable!!