Sunday, August 16, 2009

An Amazing Opportunity

** Please note the above photo was taken with my camera not Trina's**

Well, yesterday I had the honor of being a photographer for my good friend Jamie's Sister Melissa's wedding. Melissa and her now hubby Lee didn't have alot of money to put towards a photographer for there big day and Melissa had seen some of my pics on Facebook that I had taken of my family, kids, etc.

She asked Jamie to ask me if I would be willing to shoot her wedding, I was completely honored to be asked, however I was terrified of being solely responsible for all there captured memories with just my crappy old camera!!! YIKES! But being a good friend, I said yes, I mean Some pictures are better than no pictures, right? I was straight up and said I would do my best ever, but that I couldn't promise anything as I am really NOT a photographer. They were totally fine with that and we all awaited the big day.

About 2 months or so ago I was visiting MY wedding photographers, Trina and Omari from Creations Photo dropping off a scrapbook album I was paid to do by Trina. I mentioned to them that I had actually been asked to shoot a wedding with my itty bitty camera, and that I was a tad nervous, and maybe just a bit overwhelmed.

Trina said well we are pretty much booked for the entire summer, but call me when you get home and I will see if it is one of the only days we are free this season, and that maybe she could help me for FREE. I went home, checked the calendar, called Trina, and by some crazy act of God it was the only day they had free for the summer!

So Trina agreed to do a pro-bono session for Melissa and Lee, she let me use one of there camera's which weigh a ton I might add! My hand is still cramping up. This camera was just slightly amazing and I must admit I did get a little click happy :) Trina pretended to be my "assistant" yeah ok ;) and they had no idea they were being photographed by a professional photographer, a super AMAZING, unbelievably talented photographer!

I am so thankful to Trina and Omari for turning a potential terrifying experience into a fun, and , amazing, learning opportunity for me. Trina and Omari from Creations Photo are two of the most amazing people, I was fortunate to have hired them to shoot my own wedding, and have since referred them to all my friends and family. They are not just photographers, they have become my friends, they are genuine, hard-working, and honest individuals who are dedicated to capturing lifes moments and preserving our memories.

If you are looking to get family photos done, baby photos, maternity, engagement or wedding pictures done, give them a call, I personally will guarantee you will be amazed at the quality of there work, and professionalism. Go check out there blog here for sneak peeks of the most recent weddings they have done. Or go and be amazed at their portfolio here. Grab a mop cause you may need to mop up the drool afterward!

Thank you also to Melissa and Lee for sharing your special day with me, it was so fabulous to get to see your amazing family again. You are all so fun and full of life, and I almost cried like 5 times! I still want to take your Grandpa home with me!!! Congrats to the both of you, you make a beautiful couple and I wish you a lifetime of joy and smiles together.


trina said...

aww - you are soo sweet Candace! Thank you for all the kind words. It was a very fun day working with you and I totally enjoyed watching you go "click happy" :D Thanks for letting me tag along as your "assistant" LOL

Anonymous said...

Candace, you are one of the most special people, I have had the joy to meet. A thank you is too little to say for the kindness in your heart.

P.S. You can certainly borrow Jamie's grandpa (I'm sure she won't mind too much) but I'm sure she won't let you keep him for too long. Thanks again for everything and thank-you Trina.

Hope Walls said...

This is one of the bestest photography stories EVER. Trina *is* amazing - and I bet you guys had a tonne of fun!

Anonymous said... are the greatest. Thank you and Trina so much for everything. And may not "borrow" my grandpa.