Monday, November 30, 2009

The Secret really works!!!

You all are probably wondering how on earth I manage to win all these amazing give-away all the time, and probably think I have a horseshoe inserted somewhere on my body. Well I have won the impossible to win giveaways on Ali Edwards Blog, and I can only think of one reason why? The Secret, it does work, and I live it every day. I know it might sound a little wishy washy to people who don't know about it, or believe in it, but it works. I use it every single day, and it has improved my life and attitude forever.

When I first learned about The Secret, I was gung ho, and wanted to learn everything I could about it. It has been over a year since then and I have probably read 20 more books on using the Law of Attraction, and positive thinking to achieve my dreams, and get what I want in life.

My hubby was very skeptical of my new obsession, then I finally got him to watch the dvd, and explained A few more things to him. I said try it what have you got to lose? It worked , and he was an instant believer. I want everyone to learn about the Secret, and improve there lives. The world is your oyster! What have you got to lose?. Grab an attitude of Gratitude, and watch your dreams come true!

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