Thursday, June 18, 2009

My So-called life

Things happening this week in my life.....

1. Dinner at my Mom's Monday :) BBQ'd ribs, yum! She also gave me a ton of my old baby & kid pics to keep now that she knows I will cherish them. I brought my Mom Iris' from my garden.

2. Tayla had her last day of playshool Wednesday :(

3. Had my scrapbooking night with some amazing ladies last night, good food, good talk, love it!

4. Designed a ton of ads for Carsgone

5. My Mom & I planted my Auntie Sue's beautiful yellow Rose bush in my front garden and said a prayer for her.

6. I weeded and cleaned up my yard, looks great!

7. Cleaned my dirty feet lots in the wet grass (I think of my Auntie Sue everytime I do this, love and miss her lots)

8. Blogged for Sisterhood of Scrap on Web Wednesday

9.Vented my frustration to Ray about not having freedom or a car.

10. Went and looked at a car, lol. (crossing my fingers)

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