Thursday, June 11, 2009

Just a day...

So I am getting paid to do a scrapbook for this huge associations President who is leaving this year, and normally they are pretty picky on text errors, etc... They looked over the first 17 pages I did and Only found 2 very small errors that were there own!!! This is fabulous as I did not want to be redoing anything, so yippee! I plan on finishing it today, and really can't wait to be done with it. It is really not as fun scrapping someone eleses memories as your own, but it was definitley a learning process for me, and totally outside my box, plus it is going to pay for me to go to my first weekend retreat so who's complaining???

I am also going to attempt to put together the shelving unit Ray and I bought for our office yesterday at IKEA by myself, and organize my butt off today. Not to mention update countless presentation sheets with our new ad rates, mail out invoices, and look after 2 very high maintenance anklebiters. Just another day in the life of a crafty business owner WAHM.

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