Sunday, November 4, 2012

Say what? Yes a real life blog post!

Well it's only been since July, jeez, give a girl some credit. I have realized that I pretty much kinda sorta suck at blogging, but I am pretty much all the time good at making lists so here we go...... My life in lists..... the good, the bad, the awesome.

Top ten things consuming my life right now:

1. Dexter
2. Tea and lots of it
3. kids (high maintenance little buggers)
4. Online shopping
5. F%*&^ing laundry
6. Carsgone
7. emails
8. Instagram/Facebook
9. Scrapbooking
10. The freaking elf on the shelf

Top ten things that annoy me right now:

1. Teenagers
2. People eating my salt and vinegar chips and only leaving half a handful in the bag
3. Slow drivers
4. South Common pre-Christmas traffic
5. The fact that my voice doesn't want to go back to non-cougar mode
6. Cupboard doors that are left open
7. Kids who fight over computer time
8. Assholes who wear their shoes into pools when there is CLEARLY 10 signs on the way to the dressing room NO OUTDOOR SHOES
9. Treadmill guilt
10. When Ray "Annihalates" me in Foosball

Top ten freaking awesome things right now:

1. My camera
2. Rivers amazing reading/writing skills
3. Getting our family photos done by the amazing Sheri @ Captureitphotography
4. New fun, fabulous and inspiring scrappy friends and an amazing scrapbook store to hang out at
5. I am done my deadline for another month
6. FINALLY going on a fieldtrip with Taylas Class on Friday (work usually prevents these things)
7. I have a new baby to love and buy stuff for (Congrats Sara and Schmelliot)
8. Scoring an awesome New winter jacket today!!! And it being the last one and on sale!
9. My killer foosball skillz
10. Good books and bubble baths

Top ten excuses for not blogging more than every 4 months

1. No time
2. No one reads this shit anyways
3. To busy scrapbooking
4. To busy watching Dexter
5. To busy yelling at people for eating my chips and leaving cupboard doors open
6. To busy looking for "NEW AND EXCITING" places to hide the freaking elf
7. To busy not going on the treadmill
8. To busy trying to make Team Canada for foosball
9. Carpal Tunnel
10. To busy reading Lisa and Nadines blogs (who actually blog like every. freaking. Day.


Ursula Schneider said...

You're a crack-up! I think we may have some things in common and I sure like your honesty.

Nadine Karen said...

Yeah to new posts!
Awesomw Lists!
The last list had me laughing hard my friend!
See you again here in 4 months ;-)
Mwah! or should I say rwar in my best cougar voice!

Formerly.Lisa.S. said...

Halloo!! I do so read your blog!

Great list...amaze balls in fact!