Tuesday, July 13, 2010

10 Things I love Tuesday

My new house I moving into in 2.5 weeks

Jack Johnson, who I am flying to see in Vancouver in October!

Donna Downey, I find her so inspiring.....
Crocheted Flowers, oh how I wish I could do this

Taking the kids here....

The new City Park line from American Crafts, coming soon!

Making my own Home Decor

My friends new pool!

These two darlings

My New Bangs

Inspired by Cori-Lyn....


Meg said...

I love your new house too! It's super nice!
I love JJ! I bought his newest CD the morning I had the car accident and it got lost in the camotion.
I never heard of her before but I like what I see.
I'm not a fan of crocheted flowers.
DQ rules!
I don't make decore much.
I love my friends pool too! LOL
I don't know 'em but they look cute!
I love your bangs too! They suit you!

Lisa said...

I love your new house too!
Jack Johnson I don't know him...lol I'm not in touch with pop culture, You'd completely think I was 60 in this regard, but really I'm in my 30's...lol
I love that card you put up there, I can see how you find her inspiring!
I love crocheted flowers too...wonder if my mom can make them for me??? lol
I love the colors of that line! I'll have to keep my eyes open for it.
I don't do much of my home decor, unless you count printing a picture and putting it in a frame...because I do do that!
Ahh lovely pool!
Your kids are too cute!
Love the bangs!

Great Post

Dawn: The Inked Stamper said...

YOu are one happy lucky girl!!! Love the new bangs!!!