Tuesday, May 12, 2009

2 Years of Love.

Ray and I are celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary today. It seems like we just got married, where does the time go? Alot has happened and grown since then, we have become successful business owners, we have raised two (mostly) well behaved happy well balanced children. We have taught eachother new skills, and shared knowledge with one another. We have gained confidence, and helped eachother grow emotionally every single day. We have supported one another when the other needed supporting. We have given eachother hugs whenever the opportunity presented itself. We have laughed together, prayed together, and cried together. We have survived birthday parties, and weight gain. We have weathered sunshine and Rain. We compliment eachother so nicely, and are stronger than ever. I am looking forward to growing old with this man I call my husband.

Thank you for 2 years of joy. Laughter. and love.

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lookatcharles said...

Continued Joy and Love!