Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Love Letter to my girls

I truly am so grateful for all the wonderful ladies I have become friends with this past year. They are not only my scrappin girls, they are my go to girls, the girls I know I could say anything to and they would still love me. They all struggle with the same issues I do......potty training, scrapbooking addictions, weight, balance, etc. They know the real me, and they still wanna hang out with me. My life would be pretty plain Jane and empty without them... you know who you are! Except Courtenay, she threatens little kids and stuff and can be kinda rude and mean, LMAO. You are my rocks, my kleenex, my laughter, and my inspiration! You are my girls and I wouldn't trade you for anything, except maybe all the new Prima lines for 2009. OK not even that. lol. Thanks ladies, here is to another creative, laughter filled year!

Lots of lovin

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Koren said...

lol.. your the best and I am so glad you came into my life.. you inspire me to be happier and creative(er) and a better person.. I cherish our friendship..