Sunday, October 10, 2010

To The Sea.

My trip to the coast was amazing, and much more then I imagined it could possibly be!
I flew to Vancouver Friday morning with Kari and Koren, we spent the day walking downtown, checking out all the stores, and checked out Stanley Park as well.


At about 4:00 pm Kari and I decided to go line up for Jack johnson early so we could try and get awesome seats. We waited in line for 3 hours and it paid off, BIG TIME!! We ended up getting the best seats in the house, front row center baby! We were about nine feet away from Jack himself ;) Not to mention Zee Avi winked/smiled at us more than I can count. G-Love and Special Sauce was outstanding, couldnt have asked for a better pre-show!

Jack was dreamy, his voice melts like butter. Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, Jack came out before the show started and shook hands with a few lucky front rowers. Kari and I were 2 of those lucky peeps ;)He did the same after the show and once again shook both mine and Kari's hands. It still feels like a dream.

The next day, we drove around Vancouver, and explored a little, then Koren drove me to the ferry, where I ran into Courtenay and Shane. While we were on the ferry I spotted Steven Segal standing right next to me, I quickly pulled out my Camera and courtenay and I asked to get our picture taken with him, his bodyguard unfortunately kept pressing the on/off button instead of the click button. After two trys Steven just walked away. Bummer but at least I had a friend who was there to witness that I wasn't full of crap ;)

Ray was picking me up from the ferry in Nanaimo, so I asked if Courtenay and Shane wanted a ride somewhere on the island? They said sure, little did I know Ray would surprise me and pick me up in his uncles Porsche convertible. SO all four of us went for a little cruise on a beautiful sunny day ;) amazing.

We Spent two nights with Rays Uncle Chris and his wife Lynn, they have a pretty little acreage up on a mountain. tayla ans River enjoyed time with cousins they havent seen in a very long time. We didn't know that Chris and Lynn had become vegtarians in the past year or so so we were vegetarians as well. It was actually quite refreshing.

Then we went on to visit Rays 92 year old Grandpa Charlie and his wife Agnes. We all had such a wonderful visit with him, he amazes us all and is an example of vitality, and love. They took us to the beach to pick seashells, and Grandpa picked up a jelyfish only to find out that they really can sting you ;)We all adore him, and he has a way of making each one of us feel like we are all super special.

Rays Uncle Brian and Louise came for a visit as well, so we all went to see the salmon running, and play in the park. Such special memories to treasure forever.

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Dawn said...

Welcome back! Missed you! :)