Monday, May 17, 2010

Holy Crap it has been a while!

Just wanted to pop in and say hey, I know I have been extremely negligent on my posting lately. We are selling our house, and upgrading to this......

I can't wait!!! I am gaining an extra 1200 square feet, a walk in closet, a jacuzzi tub, a pantry, and a bonus room! But it is alot of work on top of Carsgone deadlines, hiring graphic designers and sales reps for both Calgary and Edmonton. Did I also mention I still have a family to take care of, clothe, feed, bathe, etc.

This all leaves very little time to blog, and scrap sadly. Anyhoo, I hope everyone id out there enjoying the sunshine, I did manage to sneak off to Toy'R'Us today with the kids and buy a new kiddie pool, Can't wait to go for a dp ;) Have a fabulous day!!!

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Dawn said...

Congrats on your new home! Good luck on your sale of your old home! I left you some love on my blog, go check it out!