Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Click Happy weekend

My cousin Tammy and her long time best friend Neal got hitched out at the lake where my family goes every summer. It turned out to be a beautiful day full of emotion, laughter, tears, and love. I was asked to take photos along with another family friend and I was really pleased with the way the pictures turned out. I was asked by Tam not to post any on Facebook until she approves them (total Aries control freak) so I am sneakin some in here. lol.

Can you believe the bridesmaid with the glasses is my MOM? Hot MAMA!
Being that the wedding was held in the middle of nowhere, complete with outhouse, it was quite a family affair, my roles included, florist (my Mom and I did all the flowers), photographer, caterer, tour guide, and hairdresser, just to name a few, and of course you can all guess who made the guest book.
There was one person missing however, that was greatly missed, and that was Tammy's mom, my Auntie Sue, who passed away suddenly June 1st. Her presence was missed dearly, and there were many tears shed throughout the day, there were leftover flowers, so I decided to make her a bouquet and put it on the signing table, the sun was shining brightly because of her, and Tam had pictures of all the people who had passed on or couldn't make it hanging in the tree. I felt her close, she would have been so happy & proud.
The whole family did a great job at pitchin in to make sure everything ran smoothly, well almost, this is MY family we are talking about here, there may have been some HEATED discussions, and knives being waved around, but it wouldn't have been our family without a pinch of drama thrown in for good measure.
All in all it was a fabulous day for 2 amazing people! Congrats Tam & Neal, may love follow you always :)


Koren said...

awesome pics looks like you had fun :)

Sheri said...

Beautiful pictures Candace... you never cease to amaze me! Is there anything you can't do? LOL
Have a great week!