Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Kickin it old school

Well I went to the New Kids on the Block Concert last night with Jen and Ritchie. Talk about a freakin awesome show. to tell the truth I wasn't really excpecting much, but as soon as they came out on stage it was like I was transported back to grade 6 and would have given my left arm to have them breath in my direction, lol. I thought for sure I was going to wake up with no vocal chords this morning, but i am ok. Damn I forgot how cute those boys were! Oh the good old days when it was cool to crimp your hair, tease back the bangs, double up on the slouch socks, tight roll the jeans, and let's not forget to mention "FAG TAGS". Rock on early 90's you will forever be in my heart right next to the New Kids On The Block.

Keep it real. Remember, it's not about being hard, it's about being smart.

Ya suckkkkaasssss.

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