Sunday, May 27, 2012

And the lucky horseshoe up her butt girl is..........

Teka Cochonneau! Congratulations, please email me your mailing information to and I will be crazy happy to send you your box of goodies!
As for the rest of you ladies, thank you so, so much for taking the time to leave a comment. I loved reading all your comments and you totally made my day!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Instagram, Cameo & a Giveaway! Oh My!

I have re-kindled my love with Instagram not that it ever died out, but I was a complete idiot and switched from being an Iphone user to an Android user about a year ago and I lost my Instagram app with that choice. I was beyond pumped when they made it available to Android users a couple of months ago and I have been snapping away, capturing super cool everyday moments. BEST APP EVER. Hands down. Here are some of my favorite shots....
And Now that you made it through all those I want to show you what I have been making with my new best friend....the Silhouette Cameo (finally got the spelling down). Ray my super immature husband has nicknamed this machine camel-toe, yes he really is 46. A picture for Tay's wall, just a cheap dollar store scrapbook frame with my favorite Jack Johnson Lyrics that remind me of Tay.
And one for River's room
and some Layouts I made with the amazing Studio Calico May kit 35 mm. Can't wait to really tear into it! This Cameo business has really stepped up my titles a notch, oh the freedom to never run out of e's or r's!
Random Happy Mail today that put a smile on my face
And now for the good part! The goods!
My awesome friend Sheri was the one that sold me her Cameo (aka.camel-toe)She quit scrapbooking recently (sounds of horror) So with it came a ginormous amount of goodies that she hadn't even told me about! I am talking ALOT of goodies. I just did a big purge so was pretty choosy on the stuff I kept and thought it would be a sweet idea to do a giveaway with the rest. So thank you Sheri and all this stuff is for one lucky winner (there is enough paper to cover your kitchen walls). All you have to do to be entered to win is tell me which Instagram picture I posted is your favorite. I will draw the person with the horseshoe up their butt on Sunday! Thanks for stopping by, you kinda rock!