Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Happy thoughts

Well I have been the worst blogger so far this year, so much going on in my world. Dawn, one of the girls I scrapbook with has taken a HUGE leap and done what so many of us wish we could do, she is opening up her own scrapbooking store!! This is so fantastic and we are all super thrilled for her and ready to break down the doors to buy it all up ;)

Dawn has also made a dream come true for me as well! She has asked me to teach classes at her store!! This is super exciting as it is right up my alley and I already have a ton of ideas going through my head. Thank you so much for thinking of me Dawn. I am so pumped! You can visit Dawns blog here the store opens in June!!

Check out what I did to Taylas hair for Crazy hair day! She said she loved it and wants to do her hair like this all the time. Ha ha!

On another note, if you have read the book Water for Elephants, go see the movie they did a fantastic job, and I loved every minute! Not to mention Robert Pattison looks quite dreamy with color in his cheeks! Two thumbs up from this avid reader and movie buff ;)

Right now I am reading a handful of books and have them throughout my house....The Happiness Project, Shit my Dad says, Memory Keepers Daughter, A wolf at the table, and I think I am forgetting one. I heart books.

Today and always I am sending out happy positive thoughts to my best friend, She is going for her 3rd try at In-Vitro tomorrow. It has been a long emotional roller coaster ride for her and her hubby, and I am looking forward to crying tears of joy when she tells me the news. Please dear God if you are reading my blog or listening to my heart, give those two a baby. You know they would be amazing parents and deserve this gift of love and life. I also vow to throw her the best baby shower anyone has ever seen, and to lavish love and attention on this new little person. Amen.

Please whoever reads this send her happy thoughts of healthy babies, and a growing belly! Who knows she could even have more than one!!

I hope you all have a fabulous Wednesday! Treat each day like it's your birthday!

PS. If you have not checked out Pinterest yet, what are you waiting for? It is my new addiction, inspiration 24/7, love it! Go here now