Wednesday, February 9, 2011

the happiest place on earth isn't Disneyland!!!

it's right here in my happy little art studio....This has always been a huge dream for me to have an art room with walls and windows. I was so happy with my paint choice the name of the paint is Echo lake.....makes me happy ;)

The curtain rods are from Jysk and were a steal at only 7.00 a piece! I love that I can display all my latest pages and some old favorites, like the one of my great Grandpa.

All the furniture in the room is from IKEA, another very happy place that I could spend forever in. I got all my baskets off Kjiji for only 2.00 each!! Awesom deal! and I have a ton of spares. I really purged when putting stuff back in here, so I actually have empty drawers and boxes which I am sure will take no time at all to fill.

I cannot wait to find the time to actually scrap in this space, I think this weekend we have an appointment ;) Happy creating!!!